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Leading Healthcare Software Solutions Provider

CoreInn IT Solutions a premium business solution provider offering end to end Technology solutions for a wide range of clients in the region. Aiming to be a world-class medium for innovative Solutions and Services, we connect our clients to advanced technology and design solutions that has direct impact on organizations efficiency and productivity. Our services cover a wide range of business applications for those wishing to embark on the entrepreneurial journey both locally in UAE and globally.

We Work to Understand Our Customer

CoreInn IT Solutions cuts a new edge in the industry by pioneering integrated solution to the healthcare industry. CoreInn IT Solutions takes pride in research and development of industry specific products to improve business workflows in the market. Coeur Health information system is one such engineered healthcare solution fostering administrative functioning and operational efficiency.

At CoreInn IT Solutions, we combine deep domain expertise, industry insights in Enterprise Resource Planning and strong technology partnerships to implement solutions that help our customer’s manage and process business information across their entire organization. Continuous innovation, quality engineered solutions and exceptional customer service has been our motto for growth and success

Clinic Management System

AI approach to managing your healthcare business chores


Precisely defining and processing the Data to minimize the cost and maximize the Profit

Coeur Rule Engine

Energizes the rules to save your time and money.

Business Intelligent Rule

Catch the lope holes before they develop.


Project Launched

While the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface.